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Whilst technically there is no need to do anything, ever, to a Halcyan Water Conditioner once installed, we are aware that circumstances change for our customers and systems require adapting. We are dedicated to meeting your long term needs so we’re pleased to provide ongoing advice and support at every stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.        How does a Halcyan Water Conditioner work?

A.         There are a number of reactions that take place in a Halcyan Water Conditioner unit as water contacts the complex alloy core. The patented catalytic alloy in the Halcyan Water Conditioner generates an electro-chemical (galvanic) reaction causing the calcium ions to flocculate as a colloid. Colloids do not settle or precipitate (form scale) but always stay in solution.

Q.        What happens to these very fine non-sticking deposits?

A.         The crystalline colloids will either flow through an open loop system in colloidal suspension, settle at the low point of a system (which can be flushed during routine maintenance) or can be easily filtered down stream of the Halcyan Water Conditioner.

Q.        Will existing scale be removed and how long does it take to clean the system?

A.         Several factors need to be taken into consideration; the thickness, hardness and type of scale; the volume of water flowing through the system; the contact of the limescale with the treated water. In many instances the thickness of scale in the water carrying system has taken a number of weeks, months or years to build up and make take as long to remove but this is unlikely.

Q.        Will a Halcyan Water Conditioner affect water pressure and flow rates?

A.         No. It is important to select the correct size Halcyan Water Conditioner. Selection of a Halcyan Water Conditioner is very simple, all you need to know are the flow rates of the system.

Q.        Does Halcyan Water Conditioner soften water?

A.         Yes, because of the definite change in the characteristics of the minerals, the surface tension of the water is reduced giving you softer, water.

Q.        Does the Halcyan Water Conditioner alloy core need to be replaced?

A.        No, the Halcyan Water Conditioner alloy core is not a sacrificial anode and therefore does not need to be replaced. We still have units working that were installed over 30 years ago!

Q.        Does the Halcyan Water Conditioner unit require ongoing maintenance?

A.         No, once installed a Halcyan Water Conditioner does not require any maintenance whatsoever.

Q.        Is it necessary to earth the Halcyan Water Conditioner?

A.         No, a Halcyan Water Conditioner does not need to be earthed.

Q.        Why use a Halcyan Water Conditioneras opposed to a salt water softener?

A.         Salt water softeners may solve one problem but introduce others by adding unwanted pollutants to the water system and in addition can cause safety and health issues. They consume large amounts of water as they recharge, and their water is not suitable for drinking.

Q.        What is the difference between Halcyan Water Conditioner and Magnetic and Powered water conditioners?

A.         Magnetic and Powered water conditioners are clamped to the outside of a pipe and generate a magnetic field through which the water travels. The powered units only operate whilst there is power. Halcyan Water Conditioner has no plug, the water contacts our scientifically engineered alloy core and it works effectively in the supply of hot or cold water.