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Is your home wasting 14% on your energy bills, every year, that you could easily save?
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Hard Water

The invisible enemy in your home

Hard water is supplied to 60% of UK homes. Whilst causing considerable damage to white goods, fixtures and fittings, it also significantly increases your energy consumption and fuel bills.

Is your home in a hard water area?

Does your home suffer from limescale?

Halcyan Water Conditioners map indicating hard water areas

Limescale not only looks horrible but it also acts as a powerful insulating material.

Just 3mm of limescale built-up on your boiler elements and appliances means they will use at least 21% more energy than limescale free elements*, making energy bills substantially higher than they should be. This means that every 1mm of limescale that you leave on your heating elements is wasting 7% more energy than necessary.

If you live in Norfolk, Dorset, Wiltshire, London or any of the other hard water areas, you’re likely to have much more than 3mm on your elements. But there is something you can do…

*British Water

By simply treating your hard water, sustainably and effectively, as it enters your home, you can save this wasted energy, protect your home and enjoy gentler water.

Examples of Potential Energy Saving


Pre 1950s House

Solid fuel with electric immersion heater.


New Build House

Gas central heating and hot water with electric immersion heater


Pre 1950s House

Gas central heating and hot water


New Build House

Gas central heating and hot water


Average UK Home

Gas central heating and hot water

The simplest, sustainable, long term solution to these problems, is a Halcyan Water Conditioner.

Quick to install, with a 30 year warranty, it provides your home with all the protection it needs.


Trust Halcyan Water Conditioners
to make zero the hero.

Think 100% passive, eco-loving, people-friendly limescale protection for your home and family.
Water that’s in great condition because it behaves better and feels softer but – thanks to a genius bit of science and engineering – still has its natural mineral goodness locked in.

Zero limescale

Removes and prevents limescale throughout your home.

Zero space

No cupboard space lost; no extra pipework needed.

Zero chemicals

No salts, resins, phosphates or zinc needed in the process.
Halcyan Water Conditioner The ‘Favourite’ Whole House Unit – H2o9 product shot

Zero maintenance

No servicing, nothing to break or go wrong.

Zero power

No electricity or earthing = no risk of unit power failure

Zero harm to the environment

No effluents into our rivers, no carbon consumption.
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