Which size is right for you?

The technology is the same across all of the units in our range.
So your choice of unit comes down to your household’s demand
for water. 

Whole House Systems
You can usually gauge your household’s demand flow rate by answering the following questions:

1. Do 4 or fewer people usually live at the property?
2. Does your home have 3 or less bathrooms/showers?
3. Are the showerheads 300mm, or less, in diameter?
4. Does your system have a hot or cold water storage facility?
5. Would it be fair to say that your home isn’t the size of a small hotel?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to all of the above, our H2o9 unit is the right size for you, as it has an excellent upper flow rate.

We estimate that the H2o9 suits the needs of up to 95% of typical UK households, so the chances of you ordering the wrong size are very small. Returns can be easily arranged at no extra charge.

We have two connector sizes to choose from: 15mm or 22mm. If you’re not sure which one will suit your incoming mains pipe best, please order the 22mm, as your installer will find it easier to use reducers to connect to your pipework.

We also have a larger unit available, the H2o18, for those rare occasions when your home is actually a castle.

Halcyan units

"The team were very helpful in advising on which unit would suit our property and understanding how it works."

Neil Temple, Bedfordshire

What size Halcyan is right for you?

Why going for the bigger system may not be better!

Feel free to call us for assistance.

Even if you’ve already answered ‘Yes’ to our H2o9 guide questions, there’s no harm in checking the product size you’ll need with us before you place your order. Please call our team on 0345 5040 656.

Halycan Water Conditioners Shower Personal V-min
The Personal
On in 60 seconds. This time it’s Personal

The Halcyan Personal is a ‘go anywhere’ unit that fits directly onto most external shower hoses in just 60 seconds or less.

It’s ideal for those situations where cutting into mains water supply just isn’t possible. For instance, you might be a tenant, travelling on holiday or your child is off to college.

Either way, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of kinder, gentler water in an instant.

The Leisure
Meet the ‘Leisure’.

If you have a motorhome, yacht or houseboat and want to protect the equipment and yourselves from the hard water in the areas that you’re visiting, this Halcyan unit for you.

The feel good factor
What makes Halcyan the intelligent choice?

A Halcyan unit is ideal for households that want to fundamentally address limescale problems. The opportunity to avoid ongoing maintenance and spiralling energy costs, due to pipework and water heating appliances operating less effectively, make Halcyan the intelligent choice.

The feel good factor of having zero impact on the environment, both from a carbon imprint and water quality perspective, makes it a 100% ‘green’ choice too.

Halcyan Water Conditioner Units

Which Halcyan Is Right For You?

Answer a few simple questions about your home setup, this won’t take long.
Need some help? Got a question?
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Solve your hard water limescale problem the easy, eco-friendly way with
Halcyan Water Conditioners.


Money Back Guarantee

We Provide A 12 Month Money Back Performance Guarantee

Whole House From Only £897

A Whole House System Starts From Only £897 Including VAT

Offering 30 Years Warranty

We Offer A 30 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty For All Halcyan Products

We Deliver Next Day

We Offer Next Day Delivery To Most UK Areas

WRAS Approved Product

We Demonstrate Compliance By Ensuring All Products Are WRAS Approved
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