Elementary for Designers, Simplicity for Installers, Trouble-free for Owners

Halcyan Water Conditioners are redefining the treatment of hard water. Removing the limitations of other systems whilst delivering outstanding results. We specialise solely in this area and are dedicated to providing every system with the optimum solution for the designer, the client and the planet.

Halcyan is the most ecologically sound, permanent solution to limescale, which when coupled with its exceptionally simple and flexible design means it’s  a solution to keep you happy at every stage of the process.



  • Replace
  • removesand
  • Maintain
  • Water
  • Power
  • Eco
  • Limitless
  • Nochems
  • Salt
  • Passive
  • Guaranteed

About Us

Halcyan Water Conditioners have been available since 1983 and are in use worldwide.

Whether in homes, swimming pools, spas, commercial applications, farms, dairies, irrigation systems, nurseries, hotels, ponds, lagoons, mining equipment, air conditioners, cooling towers, steam cleaners, ice machines, caravans, motor homes or any other water carrying systems, no other product can rival the Halcyan Water Conditioner in the treatment of scale and associated hard water problems.

We work with each client at their design stage to ensure that the optimum, long term solution is implemented. And whilst technically there is no requirement for any after sales service, we are here to answer any queries our customers may have, long after installation.

Naturally Halcyans’s are fully certified and carry the WRAS assurance. All our products are rigorously tested, both in the laboratory, and in the field, sometimes going through trials for over two years before we’ll bring them to market. That’s why we guarantee all our products are of the highest quality manufacture and able to deliver the results we promise.


The benefits of a physical conditioner
with the results of a salt-based softener
… For ever!