Samantha Mant

CEO & Founder
I started Halcyan back in 2015, striving to bring the benefits of a sustainable water conditioner to as many people and businesses as possible, to help them and the environment save energy. I have a long, quite varied career much of it in environmental and water projects, both in the not-for-profit and commercial sectors. When I’m not trying to grow my business and save the planet, I like nothing better than a long walk with my dogs and lovely husband, or better still a weekend away in our camper, with them all, exploring a new bit of the UK. (I do enjoy a glass of chilled Viognier and I love getting stuck into the gardening at the weekend.)
Eden Warren

Eden Warren

Senior Technical Advisor
I was part of the team with Samantha when Halcyan was formed back in 2015. I’ve been fitting Halcyan systems and advising customers and other installers on the system since then. They’ve even made me do some video explanations! I have a strong background across the trades of over 30 years but I chose to specialise and gain my qualifications in plumbing and heating in 2007, so I’ve seen most things ‘wet’ since then. Personally, as well as loving my dogs, I’ve always been passionate about natural history and I’m a keen fly fisherman, so I keep coming back to the water theme! So I’m delighted to be working with a business where protecting the environment and its critters is at the heart of what we do. Of course I enjoy seeing a job well done, a quality installation and the equipment and fittings protected as they should be, but knowing that each unit is saving carbon too and helping nature, is a huge part of why I enjoy being part of this team and its future.

Zachary Davies

Head of Commercial Customer Support
As the head of the commercial department at Halcyan, I'm dedicated to offering our clients sustainable water solutions that save energy, costs, and the environment. With a diverse background spanning sales, analysis, and engineering in various sectors including domestic, hospitality, and heavy industries, I bring a wealth of experience to the team. Holding two environmental degrees, my alignment with Halcyan's strong commitment to all things environmental and sustainable is what brought me here. When I'm not immersed in work, you'll find me exploring the great outdoors with my partner, embarking on hikes and wilderness adventures across the UK.


Customer Advisor
Hello there! I'm Chris, one of the newest additions to the Halcyan team as a Customer Advisor. With over two decades of experience in sales and customer service, I'm here to assist our customers in finding the best solutions for their homes. Living in Bristol, I'm well aware of the challenges posed by hard water. I'm excited to introduce people in such areas to efficient and sustainable ways of tackling limescale issues. Besides my passion for customer service, I'm a devoted surfer, science enthusiast, and advocate for mental health awareness.


Customer Advisor
Hello, I'm Lindsey, one of Halcyan Water Conditioners' dedicated Customer Advisors. I'm happily married and have a daughter studying at Falmouth University. Our home is in Totterdown, Bristol, a charming neighbourhood known for its lively spirit.  With over 25 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the Halcyan team. I have an undeniable fondness for spreadsheets, which come in handy when ensuring our customers receive the best possible service!  Sustainability is close to my heart, and I've proudly embraced a lifestyle of vintage shopping. In fact, I haven't purchased any new clothes in over five years, opting instead for preloved fashion. I look forward to assisting you on your journey with Halcyan and helping you discover the wonders of sustainable living.

Paris Cains

Social Media Manager
I joined Halcyan in 2021 and I’ve been fuelled by coffee ever since! I do all the funky things you see across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, spreading the word about our amazing products and engaging with the public, commercial partners and our trade scheme members.I wanted to be a Crime Scene Investigator but after walking into a butcher's shop when I was younger I quickly came to the realization my stomach wasn’t cut out for the job, so here I am, firmly out of danger making pretty things for Instagram and saving the planet one unit at a time!

Peter Stacey

Brand Specialist
I joined Halcyan way back in 2017 where I met Sam in Spicer & Cole. I started out as being just a ‘colouring in’ person to soon enough being promoted to dog cuddler alongside ensuring the website is up-to-date and secure, so although you won’t necessarily see me, you will definitely see what I’ve been working on. If I’m not working, you will find me on two wheels (most likely my R1), somewhere near the Brecons in Wales.

Mostyn & Bobby

Office Morale and Security
Woof Woof!

"The customer service was great with knowledgeable and helpful advisors. The product was delivered quickly."

Jason Palman - Hertfordshire