Why Should You Avoid Using Softened Water on Your Garden?

Gardening is a popular hobby for many people, and it can be a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. However, if you’re not careful about what kind of water you use in your garden, you could end up doing more harm than good. To combat the issue of hard water in the home, some people choose to install a water softener. Softened water is one type of water that should be avoided when it comes to gardening. Here’s why:


The Effects of Softened Water on Soil Quality

Softened water contains higher levels of sodium, which can have a detrimental effect on the quality of your soil. When sodium is added to soil, it can cause the soil to become compacted and unable to retain moisture or nutrients. This can lead to poor plant growth and even death in some cases. Additionally, sodium can also make it difficult for beneficial microorganisms to thrive in the soil, leading to further problems with plant health.

The Impact on Plant Health


Plant Health


Softened water can also have a negative impact on the health of your plants. The higher levels of sodium in softened water can cause plants to become dehydrated and stressed out due to an inability to absorb moisture from the soil. This can lead to wilting, yellowing leaves, and stunted growth in some cases. Furthermore, softened water may also contain other chemicals such as chlorine or fluoride which are not beneficial for plants and may even be toxic in large amounts.


The Risk of Algae Growth

Softened water is also known for promoting algae growth due to its higher levels of sodium and other minerals. Algae growth can be unsightly and may even lead to oxygen deprivation in ponds or other bodies of water that are used for irrigation purposes. Additionally, algae blooms are often accompanied by unpleasant odors which may make gardening less enjoyable for some people.


Is There a Solution?

Thankfully, yes! There are a number of solutions that enable you to use your tap water in the garden:


  • Install a Separate Tap:

If you have a water softener installed, it’s a good idea to also install a separate drinking water tap. This ensures that the water you drink is completely safe and therefore will also be safe to use in your garden. You can read all about installing a drinking water tap in our previous blog.


  • Use Bottled or Filtered Water:

This may be a solution for every now and again but isn’t ideal for the environment or your wallet.


  • Use Rainwater:


Rainwater water butt



A great way to ensure that your plants are getting safe water is to collect the rainwater with a water butt. This will mean that you always have a good quantity of water available. If you have a water softener installed, you will need to wait for your water butt to become full (which may take some time in the driest months of the year) as you won’t be able to fill it from your water supply.


  • Install a Water Conditioner:

If you’re looking for a solution to hard water but you’re worried about the effects of a water softener on your water supply, there is an alternative. A Halcyan Water Conditioner is a simple ‘fit and forget’ solution to hard water that has no negative effect on your tap water. Unlike water softeners, it doesn’t remove the minerals from water or affect sodium levels but conditions the water through a unique alloy which makes it behave just as soft water does in your home.



Generally speaking, it’s best to avoid using softened water when gardening or irrigating your garden beds. You may be able to use softened water on occasion around the garden but it’s definitely not advised to do this regularly or over a prolonged period. There are plenty of other sources of clean water available that won’t have such a negative impact on your soil quality or plant health. Doing so will help ensure that your garden stays healthy and beautiful for years to come!


If you’d like to find out more about the Halcyan Water Conditioner, you can explore our Knowledge Centre and find out how it works here. You can call our expert team on 0345 504 0656 for more information on how you, your home and your garden can benefit from installing a Halcyan.


Why choose Halcyan?

Halcyan Water Conditioners is a British company based in Bristol and our alloy-based solution to hard water is unique to the UK. Unlike water softeners, our alloy-based Water Conditioner is an eco-friendly, people-friendly solution to hard water and your water supply will be perfectly fine to drink and to use in the garden. With our 30 Year Warranty and our 12 Month Money Back Performance Guarantee, the Halcyan is the perfect ‘fit and forget’ solution whilst giving you peace of mind.

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