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Wake up to softer water!
Your hard water solution is here.. really here!

Sick and tired of limescale? Fed up with the hard, crusty stuff around your taps and on showerheads? Well you’re not alone, as over 60% of UK homes suffer from the problems created by hard water. Limescale damages both the equipment you can, and can’t see, and it can make the water less pleasant to use but it’s really healthy for you. What to do?

Traditionally, your choice of limescale solutions were limited, either a space greedy, salt hungry salt water softeners or a unit with wires or magnets that wrap round your pipes (conditioners or inhibitors) that deliver varying degrees of effectiveness on the limescale.

We know it can be really hard to compare what you need and which system conditioner, inhibitor or salt water softener is going to suit your particular needs best and we’d like to help you with that.

We believe there is a better, more cost effective and sustainable choice. A water conditioner that’s easier for you with no maintenance, one that lasts a lifetime (30 year warranty) and delivers great results with its proven effectiveness. Unlike a salt water softener, Halcyan uses no salts, no chemicals and has no maintenance. It doesn’t require any power, you don’t have to remember to dose it and it doesn’t take up any cupboard space; nor does it need separate plumbing as all Halcyan water is drinkable.

At Halcyan we believe that hard water is good for you, it’s full of healthy minerals but those same minerals ‘behave badly’ creating limescale. So we want to tamper as little as possible with the water and simply do enough to turn ‘badly behaved’ hard water into ‘well-behaved’ hard water, leaving you with all the benefits but with none of the downsides that using a salt water softener can create.


Why you should have an Halcyan Water Conditioner

Install an Halcyan Water Conditioner today and you’ll:

 Save money

Because your whole house will be free from damaging limescale, everything will work as it should.

Your appliances will last longer and will need less maintenance and repair. You’ll even spend less on cleaning products and toiletries. In fact, a family of four could save £600 every year.

 Take care of your family

Because it rinses clean away leaving no harmful residue, softened water is gentler water. It’s less drying than hard water so is gentle on your skin, hair and clothes.

And because softened water means no more limescale and scum you’ll have less effort when you’re cleaning. So there’s more time to spend together, doing what you want to do.


 Help keep our planet healthy

Because the Halcyan Water Conditioner cuts your household energy use, your CO2 emissions are lower.

And because you can use at least 50% less of your cleaning products and toiletries, you’re putting less chemicals into the environment.


Do you want freedom from the curse of limescale?
Every 3mm of limescale increases your energy costs by 30%

Every 3mm of limescale increases your energy costs by 30%

Do you have stains, scale and scum on your taps, shower, bath, glasses, cutlery, on your car and in your tea? Do you have to spend ages cleaning and polishing to remove it?

Then there’s the scale you can’t see, hiding in your pipes and appliances, slowly building up over time. Causing significant harm.

Limescale affects everything it touches.

Why would anyone choose to put up with it when, with one simple device, you can banish it forever?

Look inside your kettle. What you see there will be hiding in your other appliances and all through your system – including your boiler.

The Halcyan Water Conditioner will free you from all this and more…