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We know that choosing an anti-limescale system can be a tough (and frankly tedious) process and we’d like to help make it a bit easier. We also know it can be really time-consuming. So, if you’re one of those folk who’s in a hurry or short on time, we’ve summarised all the critical information and questions you need to ask, so you can get to a decision as quickly and painlessly as possible!

The Halcyan: What it does and doesn’t do, and how it works

Halcyan units:

• Remove existing limescale
• Prevent new limescale developing
• Provide ‘softer’ kinder water

Halcyan is a water conditioner, not a water softener. What this means is that Halcyan alters the minerals in the water rather than removing them, like a salt softener, so that they can’t stick to surfaces and build up into layers of limescale, and instead they simply pass through your home, in solution. Halcyan treats the water without using any salt or chemicals, and it doesn’t need power. The water behaves like soft water but retains all it’s healthy minerals.

This means that the results from a Halcyan will be different from traditional water softeners and cheaper conditioners and inhibitors. Though the Halcyan is a water conditioner, due to the way our system treats the water you can expect to see many of the ‘lifestyle benefits’ of softened water.

• You can drink the water from anywhere in the house
• It will protect and extend the life of your boiler, showers, taps, washing machine etc
• Expect to have a powdery white, yet easy to clean, residue on your surfaces.
• Your water will be gentler on delicate skin and can help reduce itchiness
• You’ll save money by reducing your energy bills
• You’ll never have to think about this problem, or spend any time or money on it again

Halcyan vs The Others: What are your options

As we’re sure you’re aware there are a number of different systems on the market. Not just traditional water softeners but also other conditioners and inhibitors, using different methods to address the problem. Halcyan is the only system to use it’s unique, non-sacrificial alloy.

No system can provide 100% protection. You should expect to see the odd light build up here or there, but any decent system will keep this to a level where it’s simply no longer a major issue in your home.

We believe that the differences that make Halcyan the premium solution to limescale and hard water problems, and stand out as ‘best in class’, speak for themselves.

• It delivers really powerful results, and eliminates virtually all limescale
• It retains all the healthy minerals in the water
• It gives you a rolling 2-3 weeks protection, plenty of time to clean off any soft residue
• It takes up less than 20cm of your pipework, so fits into any home
• It takes only 30-90 minutes to install and then…
• ..gives you over 30 years protection, without ANY further attention from you.
• It’s the ‘greenest’, most sustainable solution available, protecting you and our planet

How to pick the right size unit for your home: Our quick and easy size guide

We have two domestic ‘whole house’ units, but 95% of our customers use the H2o9. Ensuring you’ve picked the correct one for your home is very straightforward.

If you are still unsure which unit to go for, then please just send us an email or give us a call.

Halcyan Installation: Where, by Whom, and How

The Halcyan is very straightforward to install, it’s simply cut it into the pipework straight after your stopcock, where the water enters your house or apartment. No power or earthing is needed, and it doesn’t affect your water pressure.

Due to this simplicity, we don’t offer an installation service, because we don’t need to. If you have a local, trusted plumber who you use then they will be the best person to fit your Halcyan for you. But if you do need a recommendation we can check our list of Registered Installers, who work with us all the time, to see if any of them are near to you. Alternatively, you may have a DIY legend on hand. Under normal circumstances, it should take between 30-90 minutes to install a Halcyan unit.

If you’re not sure about your situation, just drop us an email or give us a call.

The Halcyan 12 month Performance Guarantee and 30 Year Warranty: What they cover and what they don’t.

Halcyan is one of the very few conditioners on the market to offer any sort of performance guarantee. We take the performance of our unit very seriously and as such if the unit is not providing the results we describe, you will be eligible for a replacement unit or refund, provided you follow the claims process which is quite straightforward.

Halcyan units also have a 30 year plus lifespan and a warranty to match. Should your unit break down or physically fail within this time then you will be eligible to claim for a replacement unit.

Is Halcyan right for you?

Do buy if:

  • Your primary reason for buying is getting the optimum protection for your household systems and equipment
  • You never want to have to maintain the system or spend any more money on it
  • You have limited space
  • You understand you still need to clean regularly but want it to be much easier
  • You prefer healthy, mineral rich water throughout your house
  • You’d like to enjoy gentler, more pleasant water for your family
  • You want to do your bit to protect the planet

Don’t buy if:

  • You can’t bear the thought of residue at all on your surfaces, however easy to clean.
  • You need truly soft water, without minerals, for some reason other than limescale
  • It will conflict with your ‘new build’ developer’s restrictive warranty regarding add-on products!
  • You’re wedded to your salt softener and can’t bear to be parted from it
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