Does Hard Water Affect Boilers?

Does hard water affect boilers? Hard water is a common problem in many parts of the UK, affecting up to 60% of households, and it can have a significant impact on the performance of boilers. In this blog post, we’ll explore the effects of hard water on boilers and what you can do to protect your boiler from damage.


What is Hard Water?

Hard water is water that contains high levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals are naturally occurring in groundwater and can be found in most areas of the world. Hard water can cause a variety of problems, including scaling, clogging, and corrosion. It can also reduce the efficiency of boilers by reducing heat transfer and increasing energy consumption.


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How Does Hard Water Affect Boilers?

Hard water can cause a number of problems for boilers, including:


  • Scaling: Scaling occurs when minerals such as calcium and magnesium build up on the surfaces inside the boiler. This build-up reduces heat transfer efficiency, leading to increased energy consumption and decreased performance. 
  • Clogging: Limescale caused by hard water can also clog pipes and other components within the boiler system, reducing flow rate and leading to decreased performance. 
  • Corrosion: The minerals in hard water can also cause corrosion of metal components within the boiler system, leading to leaks or other damage.

Protection Strategies for Boilers

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your boiler from damage caused by hard water. Here are some strategies you should consider:


A Water Conditioner: Installing a water conditioner is one way to change the way the minerals behave in your boiler’s feed water supply. This will help reduce scaling, clogging, and corrosion within your boiler system.


Regular Maintenance: Regularly inspecting your boiler system for signs of wear or damage is important for keeping it running efficiently. Make sure to check for signs of scaling or corrosion on any metal components within your system regularly.


Chemical Treatments: Chemical treatments such as de-scalers or anti-corrosion agents can help reduce mineral build-up within your boiler system over time. Be sure to use products specifically designed for use with boilers so that they don’t cause any additional damage to your equipment.


How will the Halcyan Water Conditioner help your boiler?

The Halcyan Water Conditioner has been tried and tested by forward-thinking households for more than 30 years! Over time the Halcyan will actually remove limescale from within your boiler and heating system, and elsewhere in the home. Once installed, it will keep limescale at bay and any water entering your house will ‘behave’ like soft water does within the pipes. This means that over time, you should see your appliances (including your boiler) needing fewer repairs and less maintenance, and even a delay to the replacement of your appliances, as well as lower energy bills.


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Hard water can have a significant impact on boilers if left unchecked. Our recommendation is that a simple, cost effective solution is to install a Halcyan Water Conditioner to prolong your boiler’s health. We all know the pain and high cost of replacing a boiler due to unchecked limescale, especially when your boiler fails unexpectedly – and the solution is so simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it years ago!

Want to know more about the Halcyan Water Conditioner? Find out how it works here or call our expert team on 0345 504 0656.


Why choose Halcyan?

Halcyan Water Conditioners is a British company based in Bristol and our alloy-based solution to hard water is unique to the UK. As leaders in our industry, our mission is to give our customers limescale-free, healthy and more enjoyable water experiences. We will always provide crystal clear, unbiased information for anyone considering a water conditioner – even if that means they don’t choose a Halcyan! With our pride in customer satisfaction and our 12 Month Money Back Performance Guarantee, you can put your trust into Halcyan Water Conditioners.

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