All aboard the EcoDriven bus!

EcoDriven and the Sustainability Showcase Tour


This initiative is all about bringing sustainability to the forefront of peoples minds. It is the first ever roadshow with a bus retrofitted with sustainable and eco, materials and products that are better for the planet, and Halcyan are thrilled to be taking part.


The reason EcoDriven chose a bus was the ability to fill it with the very best sustainable materials and show them in action to the entire country, getting people and businesses involved on a core level.


People need to see things in action, they need to know it works and that it is better that what they are using already.  We are also bringing communities and businesses together in one massive eco advertising mission, that will boost awareness of sustainable living choices and products.

There is something special about seeing things in action and working – that is why we decided to create the largest mobile showcase possible – a double-decker bus full of these products stopping at many cities and locations for the whole of the UK to see and interact with in person or via our digital and TV partners.


EcoDriven will do this is by travelling to multiple participating locations and cities, where businesses and people can come on board and see things in action.  The wattage of the solar roof, the thermal saving from the natural/recycled  insulation, the quality of the Cradle2Cradle Gold flooring.  The team will be transmitting for the entire tour, all of the sensor data and learning while they go, making improvements, encouraging debate and participation.  It is a tour of hope for the future!


They will also, be hosting backseat talks (on Mycelium seating) and a Moss back wall.  These talks are about opening a debate and will include special guests, experts in their field, politicians, business leaders and local people.


The bus stops will allow us and the locations to have a mini event of one to a few days in length, sharing and publishing what is available and special locally, plus the challenges faced unique to the area.


Join us for the most important tour in current times!


The bus will be in Bristol, the home of Halcyan Water Conditioners, from Wednesday 21 June 2023 for 3 days.


Find out more about the tour, including the route, here.


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