Can You Use Tap Water in a Steam Iron?

It’s that time of the week again, the washing basket is stacked high with things to iron and you forgot to put deionised water on the shopping list. Ironing is a household chore that often requires little thought – until it comes to choosing the right water for your iron. Many opt for the convenience of tap water, but in the UK, where 60% of the population lives in hard water areas, this seemingly harmless choice can have consequences. So is tap water safe for irons? Let’s explore the impact of tap water on irons, and also the drawbacks of using deionised water, and discover a smart solution offered by Halcyan Water Conditioners.


Tap Water and the Hard Water Dilemma

Tap water is a readily available choice for filling your iron, but its composition can vary significantly depending on your location. In the UK, a majority of residents grapple with hard water, characterised by a high mineral content, predominantly calcium and magnesium. While harmless for consumption, these minerals can wreak havoc on your iron and clothes.


Hard Water and Limescale

One of the primary issues with using tap water in irons is the formation of limescale deposits. As hard water is heated in the iron’s chamber, the minerals accumulate on internal components. Over time, this buildup can clog the iron’s steam vents and heating element, reducing its efficiency and shortening its lifespan. Moreover, the presence of limescale in the steam can leave stubborn marks on clothing, presenting an additional concern.


The UK’s Hard Water Predicament

In the UK, navigating the hard water predicament becomes crucial due to the prevalence of these mineral-rich waters. Residents must consider alternative options to mitigate the adverse effects of hard water on their irons, safeguarding both their appliances and their favourite clothes.

is tap water safe for irons

The Deionised Water Dilemma

In response to the challenges posed by hard water, some individuals turn to deionised water as an alternative. Deionised water goes through a process of ion exchange, where the minerals responsible for the formation of limescale are replaced and you are left with purified water. While it may seem like an ideal solution, there are drawbacks to consider.

Aggressive Nature of Deionised Water

Deionised water, though lacking the minerals found in tap water, is not the perfect choice for irons. Its use can lead to corrosion of internal components over time. This corrosion may result in damage to the iron’s heating element and other crucial parts, compromising its functionality and longevity. Many manufacturers recommend the use of a 50:50 ratio for tap water and deionised water to attempt to balance out the issue.

Cost and Environmental Impact

Additionally, the ongoing cost of purchasing deionised water and the environmental impact of producing and disposing of plastic bottles may deter environmentally conscious consumers from choosing this option.


Halcyan Water Conditioners: A Smart Solution

Amidst the challenges posed by tap water and so-called ‘iron-friendly’ alternatives, there emerges a smart and effective solution – Halcyan Water Conditioners.

Understanding Halcyan Technology

Halcyan devices utilise advanced technology to treat water at its source. By employing a unique blended alloy, Halcyan’s internal structure of turbulence-producing fins and gateways alter the behaviour of minerals in the water, reducing the formation of limescale deposits. In short, nothing is added or taken away. The conditioned water that comes out of your taps not only benefits your iron but also extends to other household appliances and plumbing fixtures, providing a holistic solution to the problems associated with hard water.

The Benefits of Halcyan for Ironing

For those hesitant to abandon tap water for ironing, Halcyan offers a game-changing solution. Installing a Halcyan Water Conditioner ensures that you can confidently use ordinary tap water in your iron without the fear of limescale buildup. The reduction of limescale deposits not only prolongs the life of your iron but also eliminates the risk of unsightly marks on your clothes, providing a seamless and worry-free ironing experience.



In the quest for the ideal water for your iron, tap water and deionised water present their own challenges. However, Halcyan Water Conditioners emerge as a smart and practical solution, allowing you to embrace the convenience of tap water without compromising the performance and longevity of your iron. Make an informed choice for your household, prioritise the health of your appliances and the longevity of your clothes – choose Halcyan for a simplified and efficient ironing routine.


If you’d like to find out more about the Halcyan Water Conditioner, you can explore our Knowledge Centre and find out how it works here. You can call our expert team on 0345 504 0656 for more information on how you, your home and your garden can benefit from installing a Halcyan.

Why Choose Halcyan?

Halcyan Water Conditioners is a British company based in Bristol and our alloy-based solution to hard water is unique to the UK. Our Water Conditioner is an eco-friendly, people-friendly solution to hard water and the perfect alternative to buying litres and litres of deionised water for your iron! With our 30 Year Warranty and our 12 Month Money Back Performance Guarantee, the Halcyan is the perfect ‘fit and forget’ solution!

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