How Much Money Does Limescale Add to Energy Bills?

Limescale can have a significant impact on energy bills. In this blog post, we’ll explore the costs associated with limescale build-up and what you can do to reduce your energy bills.


What is Limescale?

Limescale is a mineral deposit that forms when hard water (water with high levels of calcium and magnesium) evaporates. It’s most commonly found in areas with hard water, such as the UK, where it can build up in pipes and appliances over time. Limescale deposits are often white or yellowish in colour, and they can be difficult to remove once they’ve built up.


Limescale Build Up


How Does Limescale Affect Energy Bills?

The build-up of limescale in pipes and appliances can have a significant impact on energy bills. When limescale builds up on heating elements it reduces the efficiency of the appliance, meaning that more energy is required to achieve the same result when heating water. This means that you’ll be paying more for your energy bills than you would if there was no limescale present.


How much money does limescale add to bills?

It’s a well documented fact that 60% households in the UK are supplied with hard water which causes limescale in the home. Incredibly this can add £500 or more to your annual energy bills as limescale covered heating elements (for example in your kettle, boiler and electric shower) use significantly more energy to heat the water used in your home. In fact just 3mm of limescale can increase energy consumption by 25%! This means energy bills are much higher than necessary, and so is the carbon footprint of the home. 


Limescale increases energy bills


What Can You Do To Reduce Your Energy Bills?

There are several steps you can take to reduce your energy bills if you have limescale build-up in the home:


  1. Install a water softener – A water softener will help reduce the amount of calcium and magnesium in your water supply, which will help reduce the amount of limescale build-up over time. Make sure you do your research into water softeners as they aren’t the most environmentally-friendly way to reduce limescale.
  2. Install a water conditioner – A Halcyan Water Conditioner is a great solution if you’re looking for a people-friendly, eco-friendly way to reduce the impact limescale has on your energy bills. Halcyan not only prevents hard water from leaving mineral deposits in your appliances and plumbing, but it actually removes existing limescale too! As the Halcyan doesn’t require anything other than a small amount of space in your pipework, it’s a really simple and convenient way to protect your home – and your bank balance! 
  3. Use descaling products – There are various descaling products available on the market which can help remove existing limescale deposits from pipes and appliances. These products should be used regularly to keep limescale at bay. 
  4. Regularly maintain your appliances – Regular maintenance of your appliances will help ensure that they remain efficient and don’t suffer from any unnecessary wear-and-tear due to limescale build-up. This could include cleaning filters regularly or replacing parts when necessary.


Limescale build-up can have a significant impact on energy bills, especially over a long period of time, but there are steps you can take to reduce its effects on your wallet. Installing a water conditioner, using descaling products regularly and maintaining your appliances regularly are all effective ways of reducing the amount of money spent on energy bills due to limescale.

If you’d like to find out more about the Halcyan Water Conditioner, you can explore our Knowledge Centre and find out how it works here. You can call our expert team on 0345 504 0656 for more information on how you can heat your water for less, by installing a Halcyan


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