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Will the Halcyan Water Conditioner soften my water?

Yes. Because the minerals in the water change their shape and electrical charge the surface tension in the water drops. It’s this change that gives you softer water.

Will I be able to drink the water?

Yes. Halcyan water is healthy, with no chemicals or salts involved, you can drink it from every tap.

Will the Halcyan Water Conditioner need any servicing or maintenance?

No. Simply install your Halcyan Water Conditioner and that’s it. It will go on giving you natural softened water for life.

How long will my Halcyan Water Conditioner last?

It should last a lifetime which is why we give our 30 year guarantee. We installed our first units more than 30 years ago and they’re still working perfectly today.
Why a Halcyan rather than a salt softener

If you live in the UK in a hard water area then you’ll know all about what a real nuisance limescale is, both in terms of extra cleaning work, it’s ugly on surfaces and destructive (read ‘expensive’) for your equipment and fittings.

For years the only well-recognised solution to this problem has been salt softeners, but that’s all changing.

Salt softeners have a very specific place in the hard water treatment market as they are most appropriate where there is zero tolerance for any visible residue or there are additional reasons for removing all minerals from the water. In this situation, a salt softener is the only option and they perform well.

However, increasingly people are questioning the impact of having a salt softener in their home, both on their pockets and time, and on the environment. Lots of people want to deal with the issue of limescale but fewer and fewer want to be involved in all the maintenance that’s necessary, the separate drinking water plumbing, the chemicals that salt softeners require and the space they steal, they’re looking for an effective but simpler solution.

Halcyan’s performance is up there with the very best salt softener options, but it simply lasts far longer than any other system, with absolutely no future costs or effort required on your part, so it’s a genuine, lifetime, fit and forget system.

We think it’s really hard to unpick the detail between the various systems on the market, so we’ve put together a short table that we hope you’ll find useful as a reasonable overview of the differences between fitting a Halcyan water conditioner in your home and a salt softener.

Halcyan Water Conditioner Units
Is the Halcyan right for you?

A Halcyan water conditioner is ideal for those households that want to fundamentally address limescale problems, but don’t need perfectly clear water and do want a simpler, hassle-free, cheaper and eco-friendly choice.

The Halcyan provides excellent results which make cleaning surfaces so much easier, it keeps equipment in great condition (especially inside the system where you can’t see the damage the limescale is doing) and normally delivers the luxury of softer water benefits.

Halcyan water conditioner you can:
• Save cupboard space.
• Drink from every tap.
• Save money, with no salts and no maintenance.

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You’ll also be able to download our handy comparison document, which explains in detail the differences between the two systems (Halcyan and Water Softeners), what they do, how they work, what each system needs, what they cost, what they protect and the benefits they provide.