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The benefits of a physical conditioner, with the results of a salt-based softener … For ever!

 Every aspect of our lives involves water, both at work and at home. In the UK, the majority of businesses have to contend with water that’s categorised as hard or very hard with all the attendant reliability problems this brings and expense running into billions of pounds.

For over 30 years, the Halcyan Water Conditioner has been setting the standard in solving these problems across a broad range of sectors, in many and varied settings, including residential and commercial buildings, factories, supermarkets, hospitals, health centres, restaurants, leisure centres, offices, farms, dairies, nurseries, mines, golf courses and motor homes.

Industrial heating and cooling Mining Manufacture Residential
Catering Healthcare Leisure Agriculture

Protecting equipment as diverse as heat exchangers, air conditioners, hot water systems, cooling towers, steam cleaners, irrigation systems, ice machines, swimming pools, spas, car washing, and many other water based systems.

Halcyan treats hard water whether its source is the mains, a borehole or well water with unrivalled flexibility and permanent results. Due to its unique design it can:

  • Radically simplify system designs, removing recirculation requirements
  • Cut operating and maintenance costs
  • Reduce system downtime and improve equipment reliability and productivity
  • Meet and exceed regulatory requirements. Help systems achieve Best Practice standards.
  • Save money with reduced energy consumption, reduce the carbon footprint
  • Dramatically increase the lifetime value of capital equipment
  • Significantly reduce the volume of chemicals in systems, and as cleaning agents


Industrial and Commercial

BlueindcollingWith large scale, complex systems addressing heating and cooling in hugely varied settings, it’s reassuring to discover that one of the essential protection mechanisms, from the effects of hard water for these systems, has been refined to the point where its simplicity, alongside its impeccable results, are a major asset when designing and maintaining these systems. A Halcyan can be installed in a open system or recirculating ring main with equally good results. With a range from 5-7000l/min., no power requirements, no additive chemicals and with treated water remaining so for over 21 days, regardless of distance from the device or temperature, this design allows for maximum flexibility. In addition, by treating all the minerals in the water the Halcyan conditioner can also assist with blue water syndrome, inhibit the growth of bio-film and algae and reduce mineral staining.

Cooling water is fundamental in so many process critical systems that any disruption of a cooling system can have a catastrophic impact on a sites operations. Installing Halcyan Water Conditioners minimises downtime and simultaneously reduces water and energy usage, meaning that cooling towers can run at higher cycles of concentration without risking scale formation.

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BlueminingThe mining environment is one of the harshest in which any equipment is required to deliver. With tight schedules and vast overheads and capital costs, any inefficiencies are extremely expensive. Machinery is expected to operate with high volume, flow and pressure demands and with very poor quality, recycled water. Halcyan addresses these often hyper-saline conditions and treats the water so that it’s destructive behaviour is reduced, significantly reducing the scheduled maintenance required, the downtime due to failure of equipment and the cost of replacing repeatedly compromised component parts.

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BluemanufactureWhether its food or steel, engineered equipment or plastics, manufacturing requires large amounts of water of the highest quality. Manufacturing generally requires significant heating and cooling action which creates extensive scaling. Installing Halcyan Conditioners to treat all the water required ensures both 100% potable supply and avoids contaminating water with chemicals and salts that interfere with sensitive equipment and complex processes.

For some equipment it’s manufacture is only the initial stage where hard water will create problems. For OEM of boilers, heat exchangers, air conditioning and so forth, the need to protect the equipment and ensure it’s ongoing efficiency is paramount particularly as increasingly component parts reduce in size, amplifying the restrictive effects of scaling within the system. We can produce a Halcyan, designed specifically to meet your equipment’s flow rates, which you can build into the supply line for your equipment, delivering direct protection and the opportunity to offer significant added value to your customers.

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BlueresidentialAs the residential construction and refurbishment sector returns to full steam ahead, there is increased need to efficiently meet and exceed the regulatory and best practise standards. For luxury flat developments, each incremental improvement provides an advantage over the competition, so softer water for residents in a hard water area, protecting their investment and lifestyle choice (particularly the designer kitchen and bathroom fittings) is paramount. Equally for a social housing provider, improving their housing stock through cost and carbon saving enhancements is essential but the opportunity to benefit their tenants through reduced energy and products costs is a big bonus. Being able to do this once and know that the property is protected in perpetuity with no further effort or cost, removes one more stress from the property managers portfolio.

When considering the guarantees required on all new builds, and that in most cases the most vulnerable parts (hot and cold water systems) are largely unprotected, it makes a lot of sense to fit a small, convenient device that protects that guarantee and offers an opportunity to upsell the property on its long term system and fittings protection. Whether the hot and cold water systems are centralised or distributed, Halcyan can provide a tailored solution providing the protection at each stage of the ownership chain.

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Hotels and Catering

BluehotelThe hospitality and catering sectors are highly demanding and regulated. Customers expect the highest quality standards, as do the authorities. In areas of hard water the implications are many and varied but the Halcyan can address them all, simply and safely. Simply by installing Halcyan units on the water supply, kitchen equipment will be easier to keep clean and last longer, wine glasses and shower screens will sparkle without endless polishing and scrubbing, coffee machines will produce delicious coffee but without constant salt dosing and laundrettes will use 50% less detergent and be easier to maintain. So whilst the company will benefit from lower energy costs, easier plant maintenance schedules across the heating and cooling systems, reduced time required for housekeeping and improved carbon saving results, their customers experience will be greatly enhanced with softer, more pleasant water, safe to drink and gentle on their skin. And it’ll never need replacing!

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BluehospitalIn hospitals, care homes or hospices high quality water is essential both for the vital central operating systems (heating, cooling, catering, laundry) and for patient services (bathing, drinking, rehab pools). Halcyan water conditioners provide impeccable treatment for prevention of scaling and supporting the inhibition of legionella and other bacteria, it protects essential equipment whilst providing gentler, healthier water for the safety and comfort of patients and staff importantly without the addition of any irritant or polluting chemicals or additives. Healing is supported as the water available ceases to aggravate dermatological conditions and instead delivers mineral rich drinking water.

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Leisure – swimming pools and spa’s

BlueswimmingWhether it’s a public leisure centre, hotel spa, fitness club or luxury private pool, pool equipment works hard in a highly evaporative environment. Pumps, filters and associated equipment require the very best protection. The Halcyan not only fully protects this equipment from scaling, reducing the energy required and maintenance needed, but due to the repeated treatment of the water through the Halcyan, there is a noticeable reduction in the requirement for expensive and unpleasant chemical additives, creating sparkling, fresh and pleasant pool experiences.

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BlueagricultureFarming requires a dependable supply of quality water whether its irrigating plants, animal drinking water or washing through dairy equipment. Water may come from a borehole, well, the mains or a combination of these, but in many areas it suffers from problems with calcium, iron and other minerals in the water. The Halcyan Water Conditioner alters the characteristics of these minerals, creating water that is safe and pleasant for animals to drink, easier for plants to absorb and gentle on sophisticated and expensive equipment.


  • Calcium, salt, iron and other minerals will be kept in solution to pass through the system
  • Irrigation water is more easily taken up by plants and the nutrients with it, achieving higher yields
  • Cattle prefer to drink softer water (Source: ) improving their hydration and health
  • Dairy sterilisation heating plates and elements will be kept clear of insulating limescale
  • Pipes, sprinkler nozzles and other cold water equipment will be protected from scaling.
  • Halcyan Water Conditioner is a fantastic static mixer, creating a great water/fertilizer mix.

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