With the Halcyan you can

Save up to £500 on bills every year!

If you live in a hard water area, your energy bills could be up to £500 higher than necessary. Install a Halcyan Water Conditioner and save up to £500 per year for 30 years!

Installing a Halcyan Water Conditioner can save you up to £500* a year on your energy bills for 30 years!

If you live in a hard water area, you will no doubt have visible limescale deposits on fixtures such as taps and showerheads, and also in your kettle. However, it’s doing so much more damage to your boiler and because it’s a sealed unit you can’t even see it!

Installing a Halcyan Water Conditioner will not only prevent new limescale from forming in your home but will also remove existing limescale in your system for 30 years!

*Based on current energy prices. Remember, prices are set to rise again in October.

Halcyan Removes Limescale

Over a few weeks and months, Halcyan will remove existing limescale in your system.

Halcyan Prevents Limescale

Keep limescale firmly at bay, protect your home and make cleaning so much easier.

Halcyan Softens Water

Healthy hard water that behaves like gentler, softer water
Here are some facts about treating hard water which may surprise you…
Why install a Halcyan Water Conditioner?

Zero limescale

Removes and prevents limescale throughout your home.

Zero space

No cupboard space lost; no extra pipework needed.

Zero chemicals

No salts, resins, phosphates or zinc needed in the process.
Halcyan Water Conditioner The ‘Favourite’ Whole House Unit – H2o9 product shot

Zero maintenance

No servicing, nothing to break or go wrong.

Zero power

No electricity or earthing = no risk of unit power failure

Zero harm to the environment

No effluents into our rivers, no carbon consumption.
How does it work?

Simply put, our system is made from a special blend of 12 metals that create our unique alloy. This alloy is cast into a solid core of turbulence-producing fins and gateways. It’s this turbulence and repeated contact with the alloy that changes the molecular structure of the minerals in the water as it flows through. Crucially, this alters the state and structure of Calcium Carbonate so that it loses its ability to cling to surfaces such as your household’s boiler, showerheads, kettle and taps.

Of course, the water still retains all its mineral goodness – and the things that make water ‘water’ – but the limescale threat is neutralised so you benefit from reduced energy consumption and lower bills.

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