Why Halcyan

Buy it. Fit it. That’s it.
Softer water for life. Guaranteed.

Good quality water is our most basic need. Yet too often we put up with poor quality hard water. Water that harms our skin, our clothes, our home – and our pocket.

Now, with the Halcyan Water Conditioner, you can enjoy all the benefits of natural softer water every day.

Halcyan Water Conditioner: the intelligent choice

The best for softer water since 1983

Halcyan Water Conditioners have been manufactured since 1983 and are in use worldwide.

Whether in homes, swimming pools, spas, commercial applications, farms, dairies, irrigation systems, nurseries, ponds, lagoons, mining equipment, air conditioners, cooling towers, steam cleaners, ice machines, caravans, motor homes or other water carrying systems, no other product can rival the Halcyan Water Conditioner in the treatment of scale and hard water.

All our products are rigorously tested, sometimes going through trials for as long as two years before we’ll bring them to market. That’s why we can guarantee all our products are of the highest quality, free from manufacturing defects and able to deliver the results we promise. Always.


See how we measure up.

Which One?Halcyan Water ConditionerMagnetic and electric limescale inhibitorsElectrolytic limescale inhibitorsSalt or resin based water softeners
Lasts a lifetimesmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Has a 30 year guaranteesmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Never needs maintenancesmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Is free to runsmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Needs no electricitysmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Uses no salt or chemicalssmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Doesn’t use magnetssmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Is gentle on your skinsmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Leaves you with shiny, frizz-free hairsmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Leaves your dishes and glasses gleamingsmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Keeps your clothes softer and brightersmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Keeps all the natural, healthy minerals in your watersmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Doesn’t need a separate tap for your drinking watersmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Improves the health of your plants and flowerssmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Never wastes watersmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Never leaves a slimy feeling on your skinsmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Helps protect the environment as it reduces your carbon footprintsmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Creates no harmful by-productsmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Makes no soundsmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Won’t reduce your water pressuresmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2
Takes up no extra spacesmalltick2smalltick2smalltick2smalltick2

So, the evidence is clear. The Halcyan Water Conditioner is the best way to protect your home and family from the damaging effects of hard water.

Do you still have questions?  View our frequently asked questions or contact us by phoning 0345 504 0656 or emailing info@halcyanwater.com.