Your questions answered here…

Q.        Will the Halcyan Water Conditioner soften my water?

A.         Yes. Because the minerals in the water change their shape and electrical charge the surface tension in the water drops. It’s this change that gives you softer water.

Q.        Will the Halcyan Water Conditioner need any servicing or maintenance?

A.         No. Simply install your Halcyan Water Conditioner and that’s it. It will go on giving you natural softer water for life.

Q.        Will I ever need to replace any part of the Halcyan Water Conditioner?

A.         No. Once your Halcyan Water Conditioner is installed you can happily leave it to do its work safe in the knowledge it has a 30 year guarantee.

Q.        How long will my Halcyan Water Conditioner last?

A.         It should last a lifetime which is why we give our 30 year guarantee. We installed our first units more than 30 years ago and they’re still working perfectly today.

Q.        What are the running costs?

A.         There are none. The Halcyan Water Conditioner doesn’t need any electricity, salts or chemicals. Its unique alloy and precisely engineered fins do all the work.

Q.        Why should I use an Halcyan Water Conditioner rather than a salt water softener?

A.        Salt water softeners simply replace one problem with another. While they do soften water, they also add unwanted pollutants to the environment. They need extensive additional pipework and take up lots of space. In addition, they need constant monitoring, regular servicing, have ongoing running costs and a limited lifespan.

The Halcyan Water Conditioner uses no chemicals or electricity and needs no maintenance. And it comes with a 30 year guarantee.

Q.        What’s the difference between an Halcyan Water Conditioner and magnetic or powered water softeners?

A.         Magnetic and powered water softeners are clamped to the outside of a pipe. They generate a magnetic field that the water passes through. Powered water softeners also need a constant electricity supply. By contrast, the Halcyan Water Conditioner uses no electricity.

Q.        Is the Halcyan Water Conditioner easy to install?

A.         Yes, very easy. It takes up no space as you simply replace the same length of pipe with your Halcyan Water Conditioner, making sure to use the right size connectors. It’s so simple, if you’re good at DIY you can even do it yourself.

To find out what size you need complete the form opposite. We’ll send you our free guide on how to measure the flow rate of water through your house.

Q.        Will I need a separate drinking water tap?

A.         No. The Halcyan Water Conditioner adds nothing to your water and takes nothing away. This means your water keeps all its natural essential minerals.

Q.        How long will it take to remove the scale that’s already built up?

A.         Your Halcyan Water Conditioner will start working instantly. How long it takes to remove the existing scale depends on a number of things  (thickness, consistency, hardness, contact with treated water) but you’ll see a difference in a few weeks. And all the while you can be sure that no more scale will develop and the build-up you have is getting less every day.

Q.        Will my Halcyan Water Conditioner affect my water pressure or flow rate?

A.         No. as long as you have the correct size. In fact, it’s possible that over time, as any build-up of scale wears away, your flow rate will improve. To find out what size you need complete the form opposite. We’ll send you our free guide on how to measure the flow rate of water through your house.

Q.        How much will my Halcyan Water Conditioner cost?

A.         This depends on which unit is right for your needs. Our prices range from £360 for a single appliance unit to £997 for our largest domestic unit. Most customers can expect to pay between £600 and £840.  Click here to read how your Halcyan Water Conditioner can pay for itself

Q.          Do you only do domestic and whole-house conditioners?

A.          No. We have a wide range of sizes from tiny ones for individual machines to huge units for large drilling rigs. Please contact us if you’re interested in any of these units. We’d be happy to tell you more.

Q.        Finally, it sounds fantastic but how does it actually work?

A.         It’s actually a very simple process. Click here to read more 

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