How it works

A very simple process

The Halcyan Water Conditioner works by changing the shape and behaviour of the mineral molecules in your water.

Your water keeps all its beneficial minerals but they now glide over surfaces rather than sticking to them.

Simply replace an existing length of pipe next to your mains water inlet (remember to turn off your water) with our water conditioner and it will get to work instantly.

The unit doesn’t take up any extra space, doesn’t need any special plumbing and uses no electricity, salts or chemicals. It’s so simple, if you’re good at DIY you can even do it yourself.

The Halcyan Water Conditioner is made of a special blend of 12 metals creating a unique alloy. Inside a chrome housing precisely engineered fins create turbulence as water flows through.

As the water tumbles over the alloy, a galvanic reaction occurs changing the shape of the mineral molecules in it.  As a result they no longer precipitate and so don’t attach to the surfaces around them.

It’s this change in your water that prevents the build-up of limescale.


Before …


… and after

As the water flows through your pipes and appliances, the minerals in their altered state come into contact with the existing limescale in your system.  This contact causes the existing scale molecules to dissolve and so strips away the limescale, layer by layer.

The change in the shape of the mineral molecules also weakens their electrical charge (yes, an electrical charge in water, we know). This means that the surface tension of the water drops – a key quality of soft water.

The mineral molecules remain in this altered state for more than 4 weeks. If you’d like a more detailed, technical explanation you can read more here …


Risk free

Every Halcyan Water Conditioner comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Because Halcyan Water Conditioners have been proving themselves overseas for over 30 years, never failing to deliver exceptional, consistent results, we can give you a cast iron guarantee.

As long as you’ve correctly installed the right size conditioner for your home, you can be confident it won’t ever let you down.


What size do I need?

The one you need will depend on the flow rate of water throughout your house.

To find out what size you need complete the form opposite. We’ll send you our free guide on how to measure the flow rate of water through your house.

The Halcyan Water Conditioner range starts at £360.00 for use on a single appliance, such as your shower.

There are two conditioners that protect your whole house. Contact us to find out which size will suit you best.

  • H2o9 £770.00 (inc VAT)
  • H2o18 £985.00 (inc VAT)

And once you’ve installed your Halcyan Water Conditioner you’ll have nothing further to pay. No maintenance, servicing or running costs – ever.

In fact, with an Halcyan Water Conditioner you’re saving money every day – on your energy bills, your appliance costs and your day-to-day cleaning products and toiletries.


Even at the most conservative estimate, your Halcyan Water Conditioner will pay for itself in less than three years. Look at these savings:

  • The average annual household spend on energy is £1,300 – and rising
  • Your Halcyan Water Conditioner will save you, on average, 30% of this – and it could easily be more
  • You’ll save up to 50% on cleaning products and toiletries
  • You’ll save money on  your appliances as they’ll last longer and need less maintenance and repair

So, with an Halcyan Water Conditioner you can enjoy all the benefits of softer water with absolutely no risk. You have our guarantee.