Are you doing what’s best for your home and family?

A water conditioner will give you softer water. It will bring you benefits beyond freedom from limescale.

Best for your home…

Preventing and removing limescale is one of the most effective ways to reduce your energy bill. With 1mm of limescale increasing energy needs by 10% (British Water), most households can save 30-40% of their hot water energy costs almost immediately.

Your cleaning products and toiletries work better with softer water as there’s no limescale to kill the bubbles. Because of this you can use natural products as they’ll lather well.

Cleaning is easier – even cleaning your car is a joy – and you won’t be left with unsightly spotting. Even your plants will thrive as they more easily absorb the mineral rich softer water you get with an Halcyan Water Conditioner.

Best for your skin…

For example, did you know that softer water can make a significant improvement to eczema and other dry skin conditions? It’s less drying than hard water and rinses clean away so causes less irritation to dry and sensitive skin.

In fact, children who live in hard water areas are 44% more likely to suffer from eczema (Source: University of Nottingham).

Best for your hair…

Because softer water rinses clean away, it’s good for your hair too. Rather than dry, frizzy and unmanageable, your hair will be perfectly clean, shiny and soft. Almost like a salon day every day.

Best for your health…

As it uses no chemicals, adds nothing and takes nothing away, our water conditioner is a completely natural way to soften your water.  So you can be sure it keeps all its natural essential minerals which are so important for your day-to-day health. And, unlike water softeners, you won’t need a separate drinking water tap.

Best for your clothes…

With softer water your clothes will last longer as they’ll have no limescale deposits trapped in their fibres. They’ll stay whiter and brighter so you’ll have no need to buy expensive bleaching and brightening products. You’ll be able to remove stains more easily, even at low temperatures. And, best of all, your clothes will feel softer – yet another benefit for your family’s skin.

So, just this one simple device will protect your entire home and family.
Safe, effective and value for money: the best water conditioner in the UK

We’re confident that the Halcyan Water Conditioner is the best available in the UK today. After all, it’s been performing faultlessly overseas for more than 30 years and in some of the harshest hard water environments. If it can handle conditions in a deep mine, solving problems with the high saline water used in mining equipment, it can handle anything your home can throw at it.

Saying our water conditioner is the best way to treat your hard water is no idle claim. We’ve compared ourselves to other products, looking at performance, value for money, safety and a host of wider benefits.

Find out how the Halcyan Water Conditioner works.