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"I can safely say this was a great investment as we have not suffered with any limescale build up at all. The big bonus with the Halcyan is once it is fitted you just leave it alone. It conditions all the water in the whole house and you have no need of a hard tap for drinking or watering the garden because of the way it works."

David Reason, Dorset


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    Why a Halcyan rather than a salt softener

    If you live in the UK in a hard water area then you’ll know all about what a real nuisance limescale is, both in terms of extra cleaning work, it’s ugly on surfaces and destructive (read ‘expensive’) for your equipment and fittings.

    For years the only well-recognised solution to this problem has been salt softeners, but that’s all changing.

    Increasingly people are questioning the impact of having a salt softener in their home, both on their pockets and time, and on the environment. Lots of people want to deal with the issue of limescale but fewer and fewer want to be involved in all the maintenance that’s necessary, the separate drinking water plumbing, the chemicals that salt softeners require and the space they steal, they’re looking for an effective but simpler solution.


    Genuine, lifetime, fit and forget system

    Halcyan’s performance is up there with the very best salt softener options, and it simply lasts far longer than any other system, with absolutely no future costs or effort required on your part: it’s a genuine, lifetime, fit and forget system.

    We think it can be really hard to unpick the detailed differences between the various systems on the market. To help we’ve put together a simple table that we think you’ll find useful as an overview of the different features and benefits between fitting a Halcyan water conditioner or salt softener in your home.

    "I wish we had this installed a long time ago. We had a water softener before and the Halycan is far far better. The water is softer and feel different."

    Jill Denty, Bristol

    Boiler limescale
    But what about limescale?

    The only real worry is the costly, crusty limescale.

    Limescale is the villain. The result of layer upon layer of Calcium Carbonate, limescale can clog the pipework in your home and radically reduce the efficiency your boiler, washing machine and showers. Removing limescale can help reduce your energy bills by around £500 per year.

    No one likes a furry kettle. And limescale leaves scum around your kitchen sink, bath taps and shower doors that can be a pain to clean. Treating the minerals makes cleaning so much easier.

    "I don't often write gushing reviews but here goes... I was skeptical about this device and put off buying it for over a year. Now I couldn't recommend it enough. Surprised at how quickly it got to work and the immediate difference in the water quality. Water tastes nicer; dishes look cleaner; hair feels better; laundry feels softer when it comes out of the machine. Cleaning is no longer a chore. I am so glad we chose Halcyan over the chemical salt softener: it's the perfect solution. We live in a very hard water area. If it can work in our old house, I'm sure it would work anywhere!"

    Lucienne Brear, Herts


    Customer Satisfaction

    Proud to sustain a 96% customer satisfaction rate


    Annual Saving

    You could save up to £450 on energy, cleaning products and equipment.


    Think Big. Go Green.

    Your home could save around 0.6 tonnes CO2e per year with Halcyan.


    30 Years Warranty

    All Halcyan products come with a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty


    Trust Halcyan Water Conditioners
    to make zero the hero.

    Think 100% passive, eco-loving, people-friendly limescale protection for your home and family.
    Water that’s in great condition because it behaves better and feels softer but – thanks to a genius bit of science and engineering – still has its natural mineral goodness locked in.

    Zero limescale

    Removes and prevents limescale throughout your home.

    Zero space

    No cupboard space lost; no extra pipework needed.

    Zero chemicals

    No salts, resins, phosphates or zinc needed in the process.
    Halcyan Water Conditioner The ‘Favourite’ Whole House Unit – H2o9 product shot

    Zero maintenance

    No servicing, nothing to break or go wrong.

    Zero power

    No electricity or earthing = no risk of unit power failure

    Zero harm to the environment

    No effluents into our rivers, no carbon consumption.

    Money Back Guarantee

    We Provide A 12 Month Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

    Whole House From Only £897

    A Whole House System Starts From Only £897 Including VAT

    Offering 30 Years Warranty

    We Offer A 30 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty For All Halcyan Products

    We Deliver Next Day

    We Offer Next Day Delivery To Most UK Areas

    WRAS Approved Product

    We Demonstrate Compliance By Ensuring All Products Are WRAS Approved
    And that's it...

    Compact and easy to install!

    Our unique system only takes up 25cm of pipe. You don’t lose any cupboard space to an ugly, big box. And you’re free to drink from any tap in your house – even the shower!

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